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Welcome to my site. I am so happy to share my love of tarot with you.


I bought my first tarot deck, the Mythic Tarot, in 1997, while I was living in London and I have been dabbling in reading for myself ever since. I remember vividly the pictures on the cards, and as I was already a lover of Greek Myths they resonated closely with me; I have used tarot to help guide me ever since and they have never steered me wrong.

I've studied Reiki, IET and Reflexology and my interests don't stop there.

In 2016 I attended a couple of workshops with Jane Dawson, one of which was about connecting to spirit and working with the Angels. It opened my eyes. During that workshop I'd tried drawing a picture which resonated with one of the attendees, and then I was asked to give specific names to that attendee, which I did. I was floored! It was also during this workshop that I'd looked a bit deeper into using Angel Tarot Cards too. They have a lovely gentle energy about them.

I began studying tarot more formally in 2021 as a way to pass time in lockdown. I started off with signing up to the Biddy Tarot Certification Programme which I successfully completed. Shortly afterwards I also began studying with Richard Knight, Angie Banicki, Linda Rauch and Radleigh Valentine. I am a Certified Angel Tarot Reader. Most recently I completed a course with Green Tara College in Professional Tarot which also incorporated elements of Kabbalah with Tarot.

I absolutely love connecting with people through tarot. My Tarot deck collection is growing too!

Overall, I believe in using the cards as a tool for empowerment. I don't read on medical or legal issues, or read for third-parties not present. Rather than Yes/No questions, and Fate-based questions I prefer to ask the cards more open-ended questions to help empower the client. I don't believe the future is set in stone and whatever the cards show are just an indicator at that moment in time. If you make a change, your future will change with it.

I like to think of myself as a tarot counselor, providing clients with an empathetic ear and a non-judgemental approach to our conversations. Everyone has their own path, and it is my honour to use the tarot to assist you as you travel on yours.


Biddy Tarot

Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Advanced Tarot Academy with Angie Banicki

Green Tara College Diploma in Professional Tarot Reading